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Inner Forearm Tattoo: Beautiful Lady's Face with Skeleton Hand, Peony Flowers with Intricate Skull Details, Curved Knife Serpent, and Brown Cape by Wandal Tattoo Artist in London
150+ /1h £
Founder, Tattoo Artist
  • Style: Neo-Surrealism with Mythological Vandal Twists
  • Years of experience: 10+
  • Instagram: @saintwandal
  • Followers: 257K+
Ignorant Style Tattoo: Fineline Art with Statue Head, Numbers, Butterfly, Leaves, Stars, and Words on a Full White Forearm
150 /1h £
Tattoo Artist
  • Style: Illustration & Dotwork Tattoo Style: Micro Artistry with Style
  • Years of experience: 4+
  • Instagram: @d.cobrah
  • Followers: 2.3K+
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